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Ray’s DJ Service was started in May of 1987. We started because we had a vision of being and providing the best Mobile DJ service that the meteroplex of Dallas and Fort Worth had ever had. Our vision was to strive for excellence, commitment and dedication. These are things that the industry was not getting at the time. We knew that we could provide the quality equipment, variety of music, and the professionalism of our DJ’s. But that wasn’t enough, we wanted to give more because we knew that more was deserved and was not being received. That was our vision.

We’ve worked hard for twenty seven years to see that our vision would be given and received by as many people as possible. In our twenty seven years we have experienced the difficulties but nothing we could not overcome and or learn from to make us one of the best Mobil DJ services in the country. Ray’s DJ service is successful because of our commitment not to settle for less. We have lived by our vision, as we always will because.



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There’s no type of event we haven’t done, there’s no lifestyle we haven’t caterted to, and there’s no location we haven’t been.
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